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About our Pre Prep

Individual learning in the Infants School department

Teachers deliver inspirational teaching securely grounded in prior learning which invigorates pupils to consider problems and debate ideas with intellectual excitement. (OFSTED 2016)

Your child’s transition from Early Years to the Infant School department will be smooth. As our dedicated teachers are committed to getting to know your child well throughout the school, their transition can be managed in line with the needs of your child.

With lots of extra-curricular activities, your child can build upon the skills that they have begun to develop in their pre-school. Building on experiences in our Pre-School department, we continue our commitment to ensuring that your child’s education remains stimulating and engaging through the Infants School stage. 

We continue to place an emphasis on individual achievement and so regularly give out awards to celebrate your child’s success. We believe that by celebrating achievements, your child will be further encouraged to achieve their full potential.