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Latest News

Three Very Special Visitors

From time to time, we welcome visitors to our assembly to talk to the children about different areas of interest in the local community. Last week we were fortunate to be joined by Jenny Smith MBE, a volunteer from ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’, a charity based in Saunderton.

Jenny was accompanied by her two hearing dogs Molly (now retired), and Tazzie. Jenny is profoundly deaf and relies upon her trusted companion, Tazzie, to support her in many daily functions. Jenny explained to the children the different ways in which Tazzie alerts her to the phone ringing, a knock at the door, or, more crucially, the fire alarm ringing.

The children had the opportunity to ask Jenny questions; they learnt about the training a hearing dog has to undertake before they can be relied upon to support a deaf person.

We hope to welcome Jenny, Molly and Tazzie back to Griffin House in the near future.

Mrs White