The Greatest Show on Earth!


Maybe the title of this week’s newsletter is a little hyperbolic, but I am sure that you will agree that the summer production was a phenomenal achievement. I cannot recall having seen a school production that was full of such quality and such obvious enjoyment from so many and such young children. I hope you take the time to look through the photographs on Flickr to see the quality of the acting and reacting that was evident throughout. The Form VI children have been marvellous throughout the process, never once wavering in their enthusiasm and commitment. During the performance they took complete control; organising props, set and younger children in a calm, efficient way. Some of the cast were obviously born to be on stage and in the limelight and some have shown incredible courage and determination to play their part so admirably, and we are hugely proud of each one of them. We are also immensely grateful to Mrs Carter for everything that she did to make the extraordinary evening possible.