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Victorian Christmas!

Our Form VI school trip was to visit Hughenden Manor. We all dressed up as either poor or rich Victorians as we were going to find out about a Victorian Christmas.

When we arrived at Hughenden Manor, we got out of the coach near the church. We walked into the churchyard and looked at Benjamin Disraeli’s grave. Then we were introduced to our tour guide, his name was Richard. He led us into the beautiful church where we sang Good King Wenceslas. Next, we trudged up to the Manor House and into the study base where we learnt about a Victorian Christmas as a poor person. Then we had lunch, played outside and went back to the workshop. When we came back to the workshop we learnt about Christmas for the rich. We looked at what they might have had on their Christmas tree and what was under their tree. During the day, we did some activities such as making lavender bags, making Christmas decorations, dressing up, writing in calligraphy and playing with old wooden toys. These activities were super fun.

After all of the activities, we split into two groups and we headed into the fabulous Manor House. The Manor House was where Benjamin Disraeli lived. The house was huge. It was very old as well. Most rooms in the house had gold decorations and were very ornate. We even saw the seat that Queen Victoria sat in when she came for tea one day. Because she was so small she had to have her chair legs chopped off so that she could touch the floor with her feet. When we came out of the Manor House we went to the shop to buy something for under five pounds. After a long day at Hughenden Manor we got back on the coach and went back to school.

We all enjoyed our day at Hughenden Manor!

By Natalie Ivanova and Mia Brown (Form VI)