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Latest News

The Police Visit Reception

As part of our ongoing topic this term, the children have been learning about people who help us. PC Blake and PC Mackinnon kindly took time out of their busy day to visit. The children had the opportunity to ask questions and gave their own ideas about what they thought a police officer does 


‘The police look after lost children.’ Evie

‘Policemen catch the baddies!’ Isabel ‘If someone didn't have money in the shops the police would help them.’ Rose

‘When the police get a robber you have to put a robber in jail.’ Oliver ‘I saw a police car and emergency vehicles lots of times and some fire engines.’ Ed

‘Police wear bright jackets so people can see you in the dark crossing the road.’ Gideon

‘Police have yellow jackets so peoples know that you're police.’ Callum

‘The police wear a high viz jacket.’ Tatum


At the end of the visit, most of the children had decided they want to be a police officer! We are very grateful to PC Blake and PC Mackinnon for visiting the children, and explaining to them how the police can help all of us.