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Smart Ratio!

Over the past couple of days, Form V have been learning about ratio. Yesterday, Miss Locking decided to turn our maths lesson in to a sweet lesson. We had one box of mini smarties each and we had to figure out the ration of each colour. The end was the best part because we got to eat them. It was the sweetest, smartest lesson ever!

By Zara

This week, Form V have been looking at ration. On Wednesday we were each given a box of smarties. We had to write down a fraction for each colour (in my box 5/41 were blue). Next we had to write a ratio for each colour to another colour and then write every possible ratio.

By Andrew

On Wednesday, Form V had a very interesting maths lesson about ratio. We used smarties to try to find the ratio of all the different colours of smarties. Because we were all so well behaved, Miss Locking let us eat all of the smarties. My favourite part was eating them at the end.

By Maya