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Reception Assembly

On Monday, the children in Reception took to the stage for their final assembly as a Reception class. For our assembly, the children reflected on their first year at school, and what they have learnt:

‘I have learnt how to add numbers.’ Rene

‘I have learnt how to do singing.’ Evie

‘I have learnt to swim.’ Lavinia

‘I have learnt to try new food.’ Matthew

‘I have learnt to write.’ Isabel

‘I have learnt to listen.’ Arabella

‘I have learnt to read sentences.’ Edward

‘I have learnt how to read.’ Rose

‘I have learnt to do spellings.’ Callum

‘I have learnt to be a good friend.’ Florence

‘I have learnt to play in the apple garden!’ Oliver

‘I have learnt to swim.’ Sebastian

‘I have learnt how to do maths.’ Christopher

‘I have learnt how to swim without armbands.’ Gideon

‘We have learnt to be friends.’ Reilly & Filip

‘I have learnt how to make new friends.’ Dewi

‘I have learnt to read, write and swim.’ Tatum

‘I have learnt to do writing.’ Annabelle


The children then demonstrated some of the things they had learned in Reception including performing a couple of songs they had learnt for their visit to the care home, demonstrating their sporting skills with some warm up exercises and showing how far they have come in their understanding of another language, by performing in French the song “Bonjour, Salute, Ça Va?”

Lavinia explained that everyone has learnt how to be kind and caring towards their friends. The class then told the story ‘We are kind and helpful, we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings’. Edward, Arabella and Tatum took on the roles of each of the characters to act out this important message that we must always be kind to our friends and not hurt their feelings.

Reception finished their assembly by singing the song “When you’re smiling”. Well done Reception for a very successful first year at school. I am very proud of you all and I look forward to teaching you again in Form II!

Mrs White