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Latest News

Form V & VI Science

Science in Forms V & VI, this week has had a common theme of light. Form V, as part of their topic, “Changing Circuits”, planned an investigation, working together in small groups. They had to change the brightness of a bulb by changing the wires in a circuit in some way. On Tuesday they were able to use data logging equipment to record their results onto the computer. They had to work really well together as a team to hold the circuit together to get their results.  Using the data logging software was, of course, much more accurate than depending on their observations—and much more fun!

In Form VI, the blinds were pulled down again in the science room so that the class could investigate how light is reflected from different surfaces and to draw conclusions about which kind of surfaces are best at reflecting light. They also predicted and tested what happens to the reflection of a beam of light when that light is shone at different angles onto a mirror.

I have been particularly pleased to be able to work with the children in the science room for these practical lessons rather than in their classrooms, as in previous years. This is thanks to the installations of the blinds in the room. I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Lazlo for their installation.


Ms. P. A. Brown