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Form V Story Writing.

In Form V, we have been learning a fun and exciting story. Almost every lesson, we had a magnificent time writing, and drawing story maps. We made up great actions and everyone got involved and really enjoyed the work. It was a great way to learn and also a great amount of fun.

By Zara 

‘At that moment, a scruffy old man shouted at the boys. His wolf-like dog barked menacingly. Joe slapped the lid, picked up the box and the boys began to scramble over the rocks. They slipped and they struggled towards the cliff.’


‘Then the scruffy man appeared at the cave mouth. He shone a torch around and the light cast shadows on the cave wall. The two boys ducked behind a rock, they kept as still as stone. The dog could still sense them, walked closer and closer growling, menacingly. Rahul gripped Joe’s arm, they could see it’s white teeth, smell it’s damp hair and feel it’s hot, meaty breath.’