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Form IV at Green Park

Green Park was a very memorable experience for Form IV! We learned lots, whilst having fun developing new skills and muscles! The children wanted to share their memories with you. Everyone had lots to choose from...

Miss Withers

Day One

We got to Green Park and our first activity was climbing. Everybody got very high! Then we did archery and after that we had lunch.

Next was low ropes, which was really challenging and tested our physical ability. Then we did crate stacking, which was extremely fun, especially when we were left dangling in the air!

By Noah and Toby


Day Two

We got up, had breakfast and then met Neil (our instructor). We went on a bug hunt and it was pouring with rain! We found lots of bugs, like worms, beetles, slugs, snails and lots more. We also tasted wild garlic, which was yummy, and stinging nettles! We finished the day eating burgers.

By Lottie and Erin


Day Three

On Thursday we did teamwork challenges such as marble run, where we had to get the ball to the bucket. Then we built trebuchets and finally did some orienteering. It was really fun trying to find the letters.

By William


Our Favourite Green Park Memories

‘The catapults were my favourite, because Jacob got the furthest!’   Adam

‘My favourite memory was crate stacking, because my team were really good and it was really fun!’


‘I really enjoyed archery. I think it is a great way to spend your time.’   Rowan

‘My favourite memory was the first day, because it was full of sport, such as rock climbing, crate stacking and low ropes.’   Mille

‘My favourite thing was ‘Game Night’ because me, Phoebe, Lottie and Millie all played card games like Uno.’   Eloisa

‘My favourite thing was crate stacking because I liked working as a team and flying at the end.’ 


‘My favourite thing was the catapult. It was the best! We got to shoot tennis balls!’   Finley

‘I liked the archery, because I was good at it.’   Jacob

‘My favourite activity was the crate stacking, because you got to dangle high in the air!’


‘My favourite memory was playing cards with Mia and Jessica and also orienteering!’ 


‘I liked crate stacking, because I got two goes and you can fly like a bird!’  Mia

‘My favourite memory was orienteering, because we got to explore.’   Patrick

‘Crate stacking was very cool.’   Jack

‘I enjoyed everything! Especially the dinners and crate stacking.’  William

‘Crate stacking was the best, because when they knocked the stacks down you were dangling in the air.’  Elliott

‘My favourite memory was crate stacking because you used teamwork.’   Erin

‘My favourite memory was crate stacking with Millie and Phoebe. We were 8 crates high!’  


‘Rock climbing was my favourite because there was a lovely view from the top and I got to the top twice. I love climbing!’  Jessica

‘My favourite thing was archery. I’m amazed I got a bullseye on my fifth shot!’  Toby