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Form III Flex Their Muscles

In science, our topic is ‘Animals Including Humans’. This week we have been exploring muscles. We spent the lesson finding out different facts about muscles and tried using different muscles in our body.  We felt how our muscles contract and relax in our arm as we bend it. We also felt how our muscles changed in our face as we smiled. We explored lots of different muscles in our body and discussed the changes we felt as we moved them.

We were amazed to find out that from the time you are born you never grow new muscles. They just get bigger.  Below are some more of our favourite facts that we learnt in this lesson.

“Did you know the smallest muscle in your body is in your ear?” Jai

“You use 17 muscles every time you smile and 43 every time you frown.” Faith

“Your tongue is made up of 8 different muscles.” Victoria

“Your brain controls your muscles, sending messages via your nerves.” Chloe

By Jai and Victoria