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Latest News

Form II Visit Waddesdon Manor

On Tuesday, Form II visited Waddesdon Manor and grounds. The children took part in a Literacy based workshop, which focused on the story of “Sleeping Beauty”. Our guide, Sebastian, retold this well-known fairy tale to the children through a series of paintings by the artist Leon Bakst. The children each took on a role and acted out the story in the Manor’s turret room.

After their role-play workshop, the children went outside to explore the grounds. We visited the aviary where the children discovered the Fairy Bluebird. Next stop was the cave in the grounds, where the children had to think about what animal might have lived there. After a number of suggestions – a tarantula, a grumpy troll, and a dragon – the children were a little disappointed to discover it was only a goat!

After some lunch, the children took part in a creative writing session, based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. They used the paintings as their Stimuli, and produced some lovely descriptive writing.

Thank you to Mrs Ambrose who accompanied us on the trip, and will be working with the children on a project based on the work of Leon Bakst in their forthcoming art lessons. 

Mrs White