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Latest News

Fireworks Fun!

Many of our Pre School families came to the fireworks display last Sunday. The children came in this week full of excitement at what they had seen and heard. 

‘Bang, bang, bang!’ Daniel

‘I watch the fireworks.’ Finn

‘My baby sister didn’t like the noise.Fletcher

‘It was pink and blue and yellow.’ Katie

‘I had sweets.’ Eve

We had fun creating a giant firework picture with paint, chalk, glitter and wool and listened to firework-inspired music as we splattered and crumbled and moved the materials with our fingers. We also made fireworks with pipe cleaners and used our bodies to move to the sounds of bonfire night. On Monday, we went to look at the left-over bonfire. We used describing words to talk about the smell and the ashes and smoke.

‘I can see smoke.’ Lily

 ‘It means it still hot.’ Henry

‘It smells yucky.’ William

‘It has melted.’ Alice W.

Mrs Lacey & Mrs Walford