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Latest News

Early Years Bear Hunt

This week in Early Years, to maximise the good weather and provide a wonderful opportunity to observe the changing seasons, we have been hunting for signs of a bear in the school grounds.

Pre School scoured the maypole lawn for teddy bears and bear pictures hiding in the undergrowth during their explorer session and have been using their feet this week not only to build their language skills in describing different textures but also to create a wonderful new classroom display in paint!  Using the 'Bear Hunt' story we have been integrating cosmic yoga, storytelling and even had time to bake some bear paw cookies to take home.

The Reception children also went hunting in the woods and found not one bear but four! In order to find the bears and rather importantly, find their way back, the children had to follow positional directions and make a map to help remember the journey.

They went on to work together to make their own class book 'We're Going on a Magical World Hunt' which the children illustrated and helped to write. We hope you get the chance to read it!

Mrs Lacey & Mrs Walford