Griffin House Election

electionAs the country went to the ballot boxes on Thursday, we had equally important issues to debate and decide at Griffin House. Over the past few weeks the children in Form VI have been preparing for Thursday. They have created five different political parties, assigned roles within the team, made resources, written manifestos and prepared speeches.

On Thursday they took it in turns to address the children in an ‘Election Special Assembly’. They were very well prepared, incredibly eloquent and gave the children much to think about. In true democratic style, each member of the audience had one vote in a blind ballot.

The winning party will have a formal meeting with the senior management team during which provision will be made to adopt as many of their campaign promises as possible. The all important vote tally can be seen below:

Student Voices Party 20 votes
Student Shared Independence 17 votes
Pupil Independence Party 17 votes
Student Democratic Party 16 votes
Griffin House Democrats 14 votes