Form I & II visit to the River and Rowing Museum, Henley

RiverOn Tuesday Form I and II went to the Henley Rowing and River Museum for an Ugly Bug Ball workshop. We learnt a lot about insects in the classroom and then went on a bug hunt in differing habitats. We were also able to look at a variety of ducks on the river which gave our aspiring actors plenty of ideas for their roles in next term’s school production. We had to match caterpillars to their butterfly, and then think about how they might camouflage themselves, as well as sorting different animals into different groups. The children also got to dress up as a butterfly, cocoon and butterfly. After a picnic lunch by the river, we went into the classroom and looked at a variety of insects and then created our own insect out of clay. We had a lovely day and look forwards to returning.

Mrs Wenzel and Mrs Heslop