Ancient Greek Day

greece dayOn Tuesday, the children in Form III had their Ancient Greek day. They all looked spectacular, dressed in their Greek outfits. We were very lucky to be joined by our very own Ancient Greek soldier who led a day of fun filled activities on Ancient Greece.

We began the day by looking at different Greek myths where the children impressed their workshop leader with their knowledge. The children were given the opportunity to perform some of these myths and thoroughly enjoyed getting into character and trying out different props.

We then learnt a little bit more about life in Athens and Sparta, which complemented nicely what we have been learning in class. The children did a fantastic job of sharing their current knowledge.

In the afternoon we undertook a quiz on Ancient Greece and

the children were able to try on some actual armour that would have been worn by Greek soldiers throughout this era. They thoroughly enjoyed this.

We ended the day by playing a game that was around in this era. The children had a fantastic day and the workshop leader was extremely impressed with their knowledge, behaviour and enthusiasm for learning.

Mrs S. Moore