Academic Life

We seek to create an informal, friendly but firm atmosphere in a carefully structured framework where the human relationship between teacher and child is at the centre of the learning experience.

We have learnt that the presence of a stable and caring environment is vital to the growth of the child’s self confidence and self awareness.

In the early years, from our nursery onwards, priority is given to the acquisition of the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. This in complemented by the encouragement of self-expression, verbal communication, physical coordination, personal and social development. Library lessons are timetabled for every class from nursery and we actively seek to nurture a love of reading.

Teachers draw on a wide variety of stimuli to engage every child in the classroom. The school has a fully equipped IT suite and every class has an interactive whiteboard. The approach taken in any subject varies depending on individual need. Classes are mixed ability, but are small enough to ensure that each child of whatever ability is challenged and stimulated at his or her own level. More able children receive enrichment material and those experiencing difficulties are given the additional help they need, including individual help from specialist teachers.

Our approach results in unparalleled success in the Buckinghamshire 11+ tests, Key Stage 2 and common entrance, with our children consistently placed in their schools of first choice.