Form VI in Barmouth

barmouth 1The Form VI children were fortunate enough to spend a week in tropical North Wales before half term, in the sunny, seaside resort of Barmouth. We had a great week filled with all sorts of activities. The children were excellent company and came back full of stories and with luggage full of sand. Below are some images of our week together with excerpts from the tripadvisor reviews written by the children. Follow the links in the electronic newsletter to view all of the photographs from our week in the sun.

Mr Walford

 ‘The trip was great fun! I really enjoyed it; there were so many different things to do there! My favourites were the rock climbing and squirting Mr Lumley at the RNLI.’ by Sebastian

‘The highlight for me was the last evening when we went fully clothed in to the sea and splashed everyone.’ by Christopher

 ‘When I came off the horse my leg sand bum were so sore. It is very painful when you have been stuck on a horse for two whole hours!’ by Grace

 ‘The food was incredible; we had doughnuts and ice-cream. It was very hot though!’ By Noah

 ‘Barmouth was a great trip with a wonderful sandy beach and lovely, grassy dunes. The B&B we stayed at was great with spacious rooms and wonderful food.’ By Edward

‘Overall I would say that the trip to Barmouth was the best trip I have ever been on at Griffin House!’ by Matthew

 ‘I think Barmouth was a great experience. We did many things such as pony trekking, rock climbing, rock pooling, slate mining and much more.’ By Zaha

Barmouth 2