A Fantastic Experience








Form IV had a fantastic time at Green Park. They ate very well, slept very well, looked after each other and were one of the best behaved groups I have ever had the pleasure of taking away.

You should be very proud of yourselves!      Mrs McKay

Here are their memories of the three days they spent in the beautiful surroundings of Green Park:

‘Low ropes were great fun and it helped us with our team building skills.’ Maya

‘My favourite activity was archery because it was exciting when we had a competition to shoot the targets. The girls’ rooms were bigger than the boys’. It was exciting seeing what our rooms looked like. Ours had bunk beds and a sink. I shared with Poppy and we kept our room really tidy.’ Zara

‘I enjoyed the climbing wall because it was really challenging but I managed to get right to the top.’ Poppy

‘I loved the crate stack because it was fun trying to build up a stack especially when we ended up dangling in the air!’ Emma

‘I thought the stepping stone game was fun because we had to find the way across a river to the treasure without leaving anyone behind.’ Martha

‘Trebuchet was very hard when we were learning to build a sling shot but at least we got to fire balls once they were finished’. Qasim

‘The electric maze was my favourite game because I had to memorise how to get to the next square. I managed to get to the other side.’ Jessie

‘The songs at Green Park were amazing. We learnt most of them from Charlie. My favourite was the Tarzan song.’ Kacie

‘I loved the number tower game because everybody had to work together and pull at the same time to be successful.’ William

‘I liked it when we went on a nature walk and found lots of different bugs and found out all about them from Brookes.’ Isabella

‘The food was much better than I thought it would be because the deserts were delicious. I loved the choc chip sponge with custard.’ Lucy

‘I liked the game where we used a barrel filled with ‘dragon eggs’ because we had to work together as a team and use ropes to lift the barrel out of the ‘acid circle’.’ Charlotte

‘One of my favourite activities was the ball maze, where everyone had to work together tipping the board to get the ball to the end of the maze without dropping it.’ Nicole

‘I enjoyed trying to organise ourselves on a bench in birthday order. It was hard to balance! If we fell off we had to do a forfeit to win a life back.’ Charlie

‘In the evening, we had free time where we could play games on a big field or stay and chat in our rooms. I played random games outside. It was amazing!’ Oscar

‘We had fun making birds’ nests of feathers, leaves, twigs and dry grass with just one hand because we were pretending to be birds and our fingers were the beak. We made a small nest on the ground.’ Andrew

‘I liked working with my friends and exploring the woods when we tried orienteering. We managed to find six check points.’ Jasmine

‘I liked walking together on ‘wooden skiis’ because once we started communicating we got going and managed to win the race.’ Samuel

‘I really liked the game of speed dial because we had to find our numbers in a circle and run and step on them in the right order in the quickest time possible.’ Harry GP1 GP3

‘Being away from home was a bit odd because you didn’t have your parents but it was fun because we had a friend in our room to talk to. I shared with Jessie.’ Flo